Cloud Managed Services Finding Their Way into Almost All Enterprises Today

According to the most recent market study by analysts, Edmonton IT firm for cloud-based managed services continues to experience tremendous growth because of the uptake of mobility, security, and hosting services. Technavio analysts predict that the market will grow at a CAGR of roughly 20% in the forecast period. What will drive this growth is the significant market segment of security services as well as primary vendors such as IBM, HP, and Cisco.

Cloud Managed Services Finding Their Way

Cloud-Based Managed Security Services

Last year, cloud-based managed security services division led the market. It accounted for 24.3% share. According to Technavio, the segment is expected to maintain its tremendous growth rate throughout the forecast period.

To impeccably secure the enterprise network, there is an absolute need for cloud service providers to deploy security devices on premise. Increased security risks, as well as the need to adhere to compliance requirements, have encouraged most organizations to invest in a variety of security solutions. Enterprises opt for cloud managed security services to monitor and maintain the security devices, which have been deployed to secure their networks efficiently. As a good number of companies miserably fail to deal with growing complexities of the cyber threat, there will be increased adoption of cloud managed security services.

Amit Sharma, one of the lead cloud-computing analysts at Technavio said that with the growth in the utilization of mobile data security services, the cloud-based security services are turning out to be an inseparable part of any growing organization.

Amit further added, ‘The market always remains a highly attractive space for any cloud service provider to expand his or her product offerings. When it comes to organizational data security, companies are concerned more about data encryption, which is a brand new area of growth. Nevertheless, data encryption remains a complicated process. Web-based security services, identity management, access management, and cloud-based email security remain highly sought offerings from some of the market’s leading vendors.’

Picking The Right Managed Services

As the demand for cloud-based managed services grows, there will be a need to know a thing or two about how to choose managed services. You need managed services to understand your management and mission perspective fully. It is highly important to settle for a service provider that meet all your needs.

What Are The Packages Being Offered And Who Are The Clients?

If the managed services only provide one plan, then most likely, it will not work. Working with different customers, from small and mid-sized corporations to big ones makes for robust managed services. It goes miles to providing a varied experience that addresses all your needs. Your managed services provider ought to have different IT plans. Doing so ensures you have the right fit for your business needs.

Does Your Prospective Managed Services Provider Only Support Particular Products?

Your managed services must be product neutral. If a service provider is neutral, then he or she will be able to work efficiently with all architecture and system. Such an approach enables providers to offer nothing short of an independent view regarding IT technologies and networking.

Cloud-based managed services were of great help to organizations. It is, therefore, important to take your time while in the market for a managed services provider. Doing so ensures you get the best deal.